Are the TRADES for you!

Trades Expo's blue-collar world of Trades under one roof for 2 days.

70% of the tradespeople are about to retire and companies are actively looking for new talent. Whether you are young, new to the area, a women, or a career changer, attend Trades Expo and explore the many career paths.

Make connections, handle tools, explore training, win prizes.

Event Hours
Thu. Oct 25, 2018   9am - 3:00pm
Fri. Oct 26, 2018  9am - 3:00pm

  • Source new talent
  • Workforce training options
  • Trade Challenge, Tradeswomen, Explore a Trade
  • Activities, prizes, and tradespeople, connections


Contractors, Training schools, and more,...

Industry is facing a perfect storm.
   -  Low BC unemployement meaning no available workforce
   -  Existing tradespeople retiring meaning skilled workforce leaving


    Direct access to new talent
    Promote trade, job, and company
    Skills training options, both traditional and non-traditional
Call us about many exhibit options including showcasing a trade through a TRADE CHALLENGE! Limited space!

Trade Industry