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To: Youth
From: Industry

"The trades aren't for dummies. 
We are looking for those who like to work with their brains and their hads, who like variety, who would like oportunities to work almost anywhere, and who would like to work inside the office, and outside."

             Source:  2015 BC Construction Industry Survey

Facts & Stats

  •  24%  or 560,000 BC workers are
       employed in the trades

  •  21% of Tradespeople are New        Generation Trades (20-35 years)

  •  61% of the BC population lives in
       the mainland/souhtwest region
        - 17% on Vancouver Island
        - 12% in the Okanagan

  •  37,000 apprentices in BC's Skilled
      trades training system

  •  BC's overall Apprenticeship
      completion rate is currently 34%

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Dedicated to the Trades

Welcome to the World of 'blue-collar' TRADES

This years 4th Annual TRADES Expo is excited to offer the new generation of trades a place to learn and explore the trades, to find how to go from a laborer to a tradesperson, and to make important face-to-face connections with the real world of blue-collar trades. 

No computer web-site to visit just real hands on trades. This year's event includes the Trade Zone, as wellas unique seminars, and opportunities to connect with employers and real tradespeople doing real job.  The TRADES Expo offers a solid collection of 'blue-collar' trades representation under one roof.

Are you 20 - 35 years old?

Congrats. You are the new generation trade!
Learn how to increase your value and make more money.


Considering a trade?
Come and connect with real tradeswomen.
Ask your questions
face to face with the ladies that do the jobs.

Explore a Trade

Are you curious about becoming a tradesperson? 
Come explore and speak with tradespeople.
See your future.

Attn: Contractors SPECIAL

Are you an owner/contractor looking for workers? 

 Contact us:

  Phone: 604-928-0144
  Email: Trades-Expo

Attn: Skilled Tradespeople!

Are you willing to educate the 'new generation' on the real world of blue-collar trades?

Event Information

Dates & Times

Fri. Nov. 4, 2016

Sat. Nov. 5, 2016


1190 Cornell Street
Abbostford, BC V2T 6H5


$10.00 * (On-site Cash only)

*Admission Includes access to
NEW Trade zone

Free admission for High Students with valid Student ID

What's your trade?

Cement Finisher
Cement Placer
Electrician - Residential
Electrician - Industrial
Equipment Operator
Finishing Trade
Mechanic - Auto
Mechanic - Equipment
Mechanic - Transportation
Pipefitter / Gasfitter
Roofer - Residential
Roofer - Commercial

In case we missed your trade. We'll add it to the list.