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It's time! The trades are building a new generation workforce.

Largest collection of Trades under one roof, bringing together industry, skills training, and the new and future workforce. Industry employers across all trades are looking for new talent. Trades Expo brings these employers, the training providers, and individual tradespeople together under one roof for 2 days. The goal to attract, source and develop new tradespeople from all walks.

Imagine becoming a professional in a career where you own your skill. make good money, and are able to point around our communities and say with pride "I did that". Visit Trades Expo and see if the trades are for you. Meet the employers and tradespeople and ask your questions, find your trainer, and secure a job.

  • Find an Employer looking for new talent
  • Find a training program for you
  • Learn about the trades
  • Explore a trade - Try it hands on
  • Trade Challenge - Register, win prizes
  • Tradeswomen - Join the profession

Exhibit & Sponsorship - Learn more
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Who Should Attend

Are you a student, new to the area, career changer, male, female, experienced, not experienced?

Not sure about a career direction, need a job, tired of what you are doing, or simply need a new start?

Try the Trades. It may be for you! Whether you like inside or outside work, regular hours or the freedom of varied hours, light or hard work, creative or repetitive work, full-time or part-time, there are so many trades to choose from.

Look around the trades build it all. Explore at Trades Expo.

  • Learn about the trade
  • Try your hand at a trade
  • Talk to a tradesperson
  • Find a skills training program
  • Meet with employers

Read more- always being updated

Tradeswomen Series

It is projected that by 2025, 15,200 construction jobs in BC need filling due to expansion, and an additional 57,800 due to replacement. The demand is high and women are looking to enter the trades. This is a viable labour force option to address the coming labour shortage facing the industry.

Join the ladies, that do the job, at this year's event. Learn what they do and ask your questions. You'd be surprised what some of these ladies do for a living.

Check back for Meet and Greet, ect. information.

Meet the ladies that do the job
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Trade Challenge


Try it. Good Tradespeople make it look easy! Register for a Trade Challenge and see if you have a flair for the trades. Trade Challenges are judged by 'on the tools' tradespeople and sponsored by existing trainers with employers looking on to find new talent they can take under their wing.
Win bragging rights, t-shirts and Gift Card prizes of your choosing. NO Experience a must for this Challenge. We are looking for new talent.

Look at trying your hand at...

Proposed Challenges!
Concrete - Confirmed
Have an idea. Let us know and if used we will name it after you

Please check back more information coming.

Register for a Challenge - Prizes, Fun, bragging Rights